We’re proud to be a Vegan Brand!

Did you know that our entire Brand is Vegan?! For those of you who are vegan or are concerned about animal cruelty then we’re proud to tell you that our entire brand is registered with the Vegan Society which allows us to display the well-established and respected “sunflower” Trademark which is an authentic, international vegan standard. 

A dedicated and experienced team at the Vegan Society check every ingredient in each product to ensure it meets their strict criteria; as the original charity that coined the term “vegan” back in 1944, they are definitely the experts in this field. 

It’s not easy to gain this Trademark but we do it because it’s the only way for you as the customer to be reassured that our products are truly vegan (and therefore also cruelty-free). And whilst a lot of Brands are now jumping on the bandwagon so to speak with the rise of veganism, we have been doing this since we launched back in 2014. It’s part of our Company ethos that we will continue to do this across our entire range, allowing you to safely choose any of our products knowing that they will be both cruelty-free and contain no animal ingredients.  

If you are interested to learn more about the Vegan Society click here for more information.  

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