Want to know why to use Best Washes & Bump Envy? By Shona Baxter


The early days of pregnancy can be so tough. Your body is slowly getting used to its new job and the hormones can cause havoc with the way you feel. Like many women, I suffered from nausea in my first trimester and found that certain smells really knocked me for six. Food smells were difficult to cope with but I also found that certain perfumes, deodorants and shower gels were just too heavy for me to handle. I felt smothered by the scent sometimes. I also suffered massively with irritated skin across my growing bump that itched like mad. Thankfully I found ‘Best Washes’ by Natural Birthing Company and it really made a difference. The smell is perfect for those feeling a little delicate, with notes of spearmint and black pepper that were lightly refreshing without being too heavy. It also contains Aloe Vera which really helped to soothe my skin when it was feeling sore. My skin felt lovely and clean and soft afterwards and thankfully I didn’t feel ill! I’m pretty sure my husband may have had a few sneaky squeezes of Best Washes too but who can blame him. 


Once my bump felt a little less sore I really wanted to start applying a bump oil or butter to keep stretch marks to a minimum. Being my second pregnancy my bump certain grew a lot quicker than I was expecting.

‘Bump Envy’ has become a firm favourite in my bump massage routine. It comes with a really handy pump dispenser bottle which meant I could apply it all the way around my hips and bottom with ease. It is such a lovely lightweight oil that it sunk right in and I wasn’t left feeling sticky like I have found with other similar products. As my skin was already feeling sensitive I was pleased to know that the oil contains no nasties and is made purely from plant-based oils and butters which didn’t cause me any additional irritation or itching. I absolutely adore massaging my bump and feeling my baby move as I do, finding a really nice product to use at the same time really adds a pampering element to it too. The hydrating oil has really helped to keep my skin smooth and free of stretch marks so I’m absolutely over the moon! 

By Shona Baxter - www.empoweredhypnobirthing.co.uk

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