Should I Really be Eating for Two?

Eating for Two

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘eating for two’ during pregnancy. And, whist it may feel as though you could eat twice as much as you normally would, your body does not need any extra food during your first two trimesters of pregnancy.

In fact, during the first six months of pregnancy your baby will take everything they need from you without the need for any additional calories. During your third trimester you may need to eat a bit more, but it is only recommended to digest around 200 extra calories per day.

Instead of ‘eating for two’ we recommend eating foods that will help you feel fuller for longer (if your ‘morning sickness’ allows it!). Foods such as oats and wholemeal bread and pasta contain more fibre which can help you feel satisfied for longer. In addition to this, foods high in protein such as egg, Greek yogurt, beans and legumes can also stop you reaching for the fridge.

If you do feel abnormally hungry, then consider snacking on a healthy snack like a piece of fruit or a vegetable. Of course, it is perfectly normal to indulge occasionally too!

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