Mama Q&A with Tayla and Jane

Tayla is back with some more questions!

With her coming to the end of her pregnancy (only 6 weeks left!!) her body is going through some amazing changes but with these changes, worries and issues do arise! Are you thinking any of these questions?

Take a read and see if Jane our founder and Midwife can help! Happy reading! 


1. It has been so hot lately and I've been struggling with the heat at times and I keep thinking I still have 8 weeks till my due date so it's going to get worse, is there any tips to keep cool?

I know being pregnant when it’s hot is no fun! I would try to keep the house cool by blocking out the sun & trying to get a breeze going through or using a fan. Keep yourself well hydrated with water and wear light loose fitting breathable clothing. Choose the shade where you can, use your “Cool it Mama” to giving you a cooling spritz and if Arthur has a paddling pool feel free to dip your feet in it!

2. So far I've been lucky and managed to dodge stretchmarks but is there still time that I can get them? I've been using down below on my belly and think its brilliant!

Well done on the stretch mark front, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying using our Down Below oil – there is still time where they can make an appearance –especially in these final weeks where your baby is getting bigger now ready for birth. So keep up the good work & maybe have a look at our new “Bump Envy” soothing stretch mark oil which we’ve just launched.

3. Over the last few weeks turning over in bed is getting difficult and my pelvis is getting painful at times, oh the joys of pregnancy! Can I do anything to stop it from hurting as much?

Getting a good nights sleep just goes out of the window in the last few weeks of pregnancy doesn’t it? Maybe try extra pillows in bed to support yourself in lying on your side and make sure your room is cool. The painful pelvis is common in pregnancy and develops because the ligaments and muscles that support your pelvis become loose and floppy and the bones of your pelvis can start to move. This does all resolve after baby is born, but in the meantime, I would suggest being careful with your posture, avoid picking Arthur up and carrying him (the tendency is to balance little ones on our hips when we carry them) – I know it’s difficult when he’s so little. Your midwife should also be able to refer you to a physiotherapist who can provide you with a supportive belt to wear that holds everything in place.     

4. When is the best time to pack my hospital bag?

I would definitely start compiling a list and getting things together – it’s best to be fully packed and ready to go by 35-36 weeks. It’s not uncommon for babies to be born at 36 weeks!

5. Is there anything other than the normal things you would recommend to pack in my hospital bag?

I always recommend an eye mask to help you sleep, because hospitals can, unfortunately, be very bright places at all times of day and night. If you like coconut water that’s a great alternative to plain water to drink in labour and it provides you with loads of electrolytes and has a mild taste. Finally, we’ve just launched our “Birthing Essentials Kit” which is your go-to grab bag of products to support you in labour so I’d definitely recommend that for anyone.

6. I've started to get a varicose vein on the top of my leg, will it fade after I've given birth or will it just keep getting worse?

Varicose veins are common in pregnancy due to your increased blood volume and they should resolve afterwards once your body returns to its normal pre-pregnancy state. In the meantime, it helps to avoid crossing your legs or wearing tight-fitting clothing such as jeans.

7. There have been times I've been worried about my baby not moving much before I ring to go and get checked is there anything I can try myself?

Sometimes its difficult to keep an eye on baby’s movements when you are busy, there is an App or a wristband you can access through the Kicks Count Charity. But if you have any concerns over baby’s movements the advice has to be to phone your maternity unit straight away, they may give you some advice over the phone depending on what you tell them, but generally, they will invite you in to have baby monitored.

8. At my last midwife appointment, I found out I was anaemic and was put on iron tablet which has really helped, will it go away once I've given birth or can you stay anaemic?

Being anaemic in pregnancy is quite common due to the increase in blood volume, if you feel that the tablets are helping then it sounds like they are doing their job and bringing your levels back up. Birth will have a bearing on this though with the amount of blood loss at delivery affecting your levels again. So you may well be offered another blood test the day after giving birth to access where your iron levels then stand and given tablets accordingly.

9. Are there any foods you would recommend eating for people who are anaemic?

Firstly just to mention when you’re taking your tablets, try to take them with fresh orange juice as the Vitamin C will aid the absorption so they will work better for you; and in the same way avoid tea or coffee with them because that will stop the absorption. There are also loads of foods that are rich in iron such as fortified bread and cereal, dark chocolate (yay!), spinach (you can add this to smoothies), legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, pea, soybeans), pistachios, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, broccoli.

10. If I'm anaemic can the baby be anaemic?

You would have to be severally anaemic before it would start affecting your baby, but from what you’re telling me you are not in this category so try not to worry. Focus on eating healthily and taking your tablets – they usually work quite quickly to reverse anaemia and it sounds like you’re feeling better already.

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Thank you for reading!

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Please Note, these answers might vary or change depending on your situation, Jane was fully aware of Tayla’s situation and lifestyle before answering these questions so if you aren’t sure please ask your own Midwife for an answer that will suit you.


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