Is it safe to use essential oils in pregnancy?

Aromatherapy is an amazing complementary therapy which can be used to relieve all manner of physical and emotional issues. However, the use of essential oils during pregnancy is a world where many fear to tread! If you Google which oils are safe to use in pregnancy you are faced with a minefield of conflicting information and most of it puts the fear of God into you!  

Here are a few things to consider when looking at using essential oils during pregnancy: 

  • There are a huge number of different essential oils available on the market and it’s very difficult to decide what to use and have the knowledge of which ones are truly safe.  
  • In addition to this, with a few exceptions essential oils should never be applied directly to the skin in their neat form, they should always be diluted into carrier oil but you need to know the rate of dilution in order for them to be safe but effective at the same time. 
  • Essential oils work perfectly when blended together to create different notes within an overall aroma and yet the different oils will all hold different proportions within the finished blend. So it can be very hard to get the levels of the individual oils correct so you end up with a nice smelling effective blend. 
  • Buying a range of different essential oils isn’t cheap! Average prices range from £5-£14 per 10ml bottle – so imagine the cost of creating your own Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding oils using 10 different essential oils!  
  • Mixing and blending essential oils takes time and energy, and whilst this might be fine prior to Mamahood, once your little one has arrived it’s all you can do to get dressed in the early days never mind start getting essential oils out!  

So this is where we come in to take the confusion and fear out of using essentials oils in pregnancy. Our entire range at Natural Birthing Company uses essential oils that have been chosen by experts to ensure our products are completely safe to use during your pregnancy or when breastfeeding; so there’s no second-guessing, you know we’ve taken the hard work out of choosing safe effective essential oils and blending them in such a way as to create beautiful aromas that support you during your journey from bump to baby.  

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