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Our daughter is 2 and half years old so we know she doesn’t understand the birds and the bees and she won't for a very long time, but we were so excited to share with her the new addition that is going to come into the family around November time.

Discovering I was pregnant for the second time did bring on more nervous thoughts than the first time mainly because I want to make sure that our daughter doesn’t ever feel pushed out or like we love her any less because that certainly isn’t the case, but we wanted to tell her in a special little way so that she would feel just as much part of this journey as we are.

I purchased a book from Amazon called “Olivia – A guide to being a big sister” it was only about £4.50, bargain!! And this was our way of telling her about her new brother or sister and we read this to her every night before bed, she gets excited knowing she’s going to be a big sister and she always points to my tummy and says that there’s a baby in there. She also says she would like the baby to be a little girl so no pressure then Olivia!

Other ideas you could do to make your child feel more included in the pregnancy is take them to the scans if the hospital allows, we would have done this but our hospital doesn’t allow children into the scan room so that idea was out. Or maybe make a copy of your scan photo and let them have it to look at when they want and always explain that when the baby comes along they will be ever so grown up being a big brother/sister. It’s so lovely seeing them get excited. Also when you buy things for the new baby then include them in the trip too and maybe let them help you choose some items.

How did you make your first born included when you were pregnant?

Sarah x

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