International Midwives Day

Jane Mason Natural Birthing Company

To celebrate this years’ International Midwife Day, we sit down with midwife and the founder of Natural Birthing Company Jane Mason to ask her about her midwifery experience and her top pregnancy tips!

What makes you proud to be a midwife?

It is an honour to be a part of a women’s journey through pregnancy and early motherhood. We support a family at one of their most life changing moments and the support of a midwife can make a huge difference to their journey. Unfortunately, pregnancy can be fraught with many different emotions – it isn’t always a positive experience, and sometimes it doesn’t have a happy ending. However, a midwife will be there for the family through the good and the bad.

What is it like to be a midwife?

Being a midwife is immensely rewarding, but very hard work! Shifts can be very long, and we are on our feet all day (and night!) Luckily, midwives are always very supportive of each other and we always look out for one-another.

How did you learn about the benefits of aromatherapy oils in pregnancy?

11 years ago, we were trained to use essential oils in our NHS practice to help us support women with various issues they faced during pregnancy. I would always enjoy blending oils to provide compresses for various issues such as breastfeeding or soreness after giving birth – and women loved them! It was my love of aromatherapy that led to me developing Natural Birthing Company products.

What one thing do you wish you knew before having your children?

Perineal massage! (Click here to learn more about perineal massage)

What is the number one complaint you get from pregnant women?

There are so many, but the number one pregnancy-related complaint is probably nausea, which is why we developed our Best Washes body wash. Best Washes is developed with Spearmint to soothe and calm sickness.

What is your top tip for dealing with stress in pregnancy?

Have some ‘me time’! Pregnancy can be such a busy time as you prepare for your baby’s arrival whilst normal life also rides along with work commitments and family events to fit in as well. Juggling all of this is enough to stress anyone out never mind when you’re hormonal at the same time! So, make sure you have some down time to have some quiet time to yourself or with your partner. Turn off all the technology and read a feel-good book, enjoy some time outdoors, practice mindfulness, enjoy a massage, take a relaxing bubble bath, or get a manicure!

What is your top tip for labour?

Don’t hold your breath when you have a contraction, take steady deep breaths instead – it will feel better!

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