How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

You may be considering a virtual baby shower due to the Covid-19 pandemic, or perhaps you want to celebrate virtually because you have friends and family who live far away and would ordinarily miss out. Here we are going to show you how you can host a memorable and fun baby shower virtually, safely, and in the comfort of your own home.
So, what is a virtual baby shower?
A virtual baby shower is an event held online (usually via video call) filled with games and celebrations for your little one. The benefits of a virtual celebration as opposed to the more traditional in-person event is that friends and family who live far away and who would ordinarily miss out will have an opportunity to attend.
How do I plan a virtual baby shower?
1. Choose a 'venue' - Your venue can be via a video-calling website that allows for multiple participants, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype or Microsoft Teams. You may want to 'test' each platform before deciding which to go ahead with so that you can see the quality of the video, sound and also check out the speed. You'll want to avoid the screen being frozen on the big day!
2. Registry - You may decide to create an online baby registry (which you can link to your shower invitation for guests to see). Guests will then be able to order gifts that you want and have them delivered directly to your home before the event. 
3. Decorations - Although your event is online rather than in-person, it can still be nice to decorate the area you will be hosting the party for guests to see over their screens. 
4. Choose your games - There are so many games that are suitable for a virtual party! How about 'Name that Song'? You can play short clips of baby-related songs (think 'Hit Me Baby One More Time') and guests have to quickly guess the name and singer! Or, how about 'Guess Who' where you show the guests pictures of babies (either celebrity or the guests when they were little!) and everyone has to guess who they are. There are lots of ideas online, so take a look and decide which games you and your guests will enjoy on the day.
5. Create your Agenda - It is important to set out the agenda/timeline for your event so that you have some structure to your day. Your agenda can include a 'logging-in' start time, a catch up and chat, fun & games, present opening, and goodbyes - or anything else you want to add in. Remember to add times to each section so you can ensure everything runs smoothly. 
6. Invitations - You may decide to stick to the virtual aspect of your shower and send out e-invites, or you may decide to put pen to paper and send invites in the mail. Whatever you decide, remember to include details on how your guests can log on to the event, and any registry details/address details to send any gifts to.
7. Thank you cards - Even with a virtual event you will want to send out thank you cards afterwards, and again these can be either virtual cards or physical cards sent in the mail (we prefer this option as it is more personal).
We hope this blog has helped with your virtual baby shower planning!
If you have had a virtual baby shower let us know how it went!

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