How to dress your baby for spring?

The weather is so changeable at this time of year it can be hard to know what to wear yourself never mind thinking about how to dress your baby for the Spring weather. There are so many cute outfits available for your baby, but it’s important to remember the clothing’s comfort and safety because babies can’t regulate their own temperature until they are around 6 months old, so it’s up to you to make sure your newborn is dressed just right; not too hot, not too cool. 

5 things to consider when choosing baby’s outfit 

Baby’s Temperature 

If you’re trying to tell if your baby is too warm or too chilly feel their chest or the nape of the neck because their hands and feet will always feel cooler. 

Room Temperature 

In spring it can get tricky with your central heating – do you turn it off or keep it on? With so many fluctuations in temperature, it can hard to know and you may end up with your room becoming too hot or dropping cold. The ideal room temperature is between 16-20c so a room thermometer is a great piece of equipment to place in the same room as the baby to monitor any changes; most of them will change colour according to the temperature. 


It’s both cute and practical to dress your baby in layers because it makes it so much easier to adjust their temperature by adding or removing a lightweight layer. In general, baby should need just one thin extra layer compared to what you are wearing. And when you take your baby out in the pram – you will find it’s more flexible to have layers of sheets and blankets rather than one big cover or a thick snowsuit. 

Change of environment 

Think about when you’ll adjust what you’re wearing according to where you are – I’m talking about peeling off layers when you’re walking around a shopping centre or stop somewhere for a coffee. If you find yourself doing this you should also be doing the same for your baby; if you’re starting to feel too warm you can guarantee they will be too! 

A common scenario is when you’ve gone out for a walk and return home to leave baby asleep in the pram in the hall so you don’t disturb them – at this point, you need to remove all of the pram covers, their hat and unbutton their cardigan to prevent them from getting too warm. 


Babies lose as much as 75% of their body heat through their heads so wearing a hat outdoors is a really good idea, but equally so wearing one indoors is not recommended because they will quickly risk overheating. So even though that gorgeous outfit has a really cute matching hat please don’t put it on your baby indoors!! As the weather gets warmer & we get sunny days just change to a thinner hat or a cotton sunhat when you go out because then you are protecting your baby’s head against the sun. 

I hope I’ve taken some of the confusion out of choosing that baby’s outfit each morning and of course, they also need to look super cute and co-ordinated too so don’t this stop you having fun dressing your little one! 

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