How to deal with Morning Sickness - Top Tips

Unfortunately, there's no hard and fast treatment that will work for every woman's morning sickness. Every pregnancy will be different.

But there are some changes you can make to your lifestyle to hopefully ease your symptoms. Such as...

Sleep: Get plenty of rest (tiredness can make nausea worse)

Avoid Smells: Avoid any smells that have made you feel queasy in the past; the likelihood is they will make you feel sick. 

Dry Toast: Eating something plain such as dry toast before you get out of bed can help settle your stomach. 

Eat Small, Frequent Meals: Plain foods that are high in carbohydrate and low in fat (such as bread, rice, crackers and pasta) can ease that sick feeling.

Stick to Cold Foods: Cold foods give off less of a smell than hot ones, meaning no queasy smells

Water: This is a pretty obvious one drinking lots of fluids will always help. 

Ginger: Eat foods or drinks containing ginger – there's some evidence ginger may help reduce nausea and vomiting (check with your pharmacist before taking ginger supplements during pregnancy)

Acupressure: There's some evidence that putting pressure on your wrist, using a special band or bracelet on your forearm, may help relieve the symptoms

If these don't work for you or you're having more severe symptoms, your doctor or midwife might recommend medication.


Pregnancy hormones can sometimes leave you feeling a bit queasy and delicate; the slightest things can set you off dashing to the bathroom! Best Washes uses the refreshing delicate aroma of Spearmint to soothe and calm icky tummies, together with Black Pepper to tackle the tired fuzzy mind, whilst Aloe Vera and natural foaming agents are soothing for sensitive skin.

Key Facts:

  • Best washes can be used by anyone experiencing:
  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry itchy, irritated skin
  • Hormonal skin, breakouts, rashes
  • Delicate nose


In the shower, lather up and massage across the damp skin. Alternatively, in your bath pour liberally under running warm water and enjoy your soak.

Properties of the Key Ingredients:

Spearmint: Anti-emetic, Anti-spasmodic, uplifting, stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, calming, antibacterial, increases skin elasticity, soothes.

Black Pepper: Anti-emetic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, pain relieving properties, stimulating on both body and mind, revives tired muscles, anti-inflammatory.

Aloe Vera: Anti-inflammatory, calms and soothes, moisturises, hydrates, promotes skin renewal, softens, antimicrobial.


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During your pregnancy factors may come into play that results in you requiring different advice – in these circumstances, you should seek direct advice from your own Midwife/Doctor according to your situation.  

If you are unsure about anything or have any concerns whilst pregnant please speak to your Midwife.  

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