How to De-Stress During Pregnancy

How to de-stress during pregnancy

Most women can get daily anxiety but put the added pleasure of soon becoming a Mummy may bring you to the edge.

You know that stress is bad for your mental and physical health—and it could have an effect on your baby so it is important to try and identify when those stress levels are starting to creep up. The good news is we have some amazing tips to help!

Take 5!

It seems so simple right, but it honestly can be this simple. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths in and out, notice the rise and fall of your chest and just relax before continuing the task at hand. You can practice this one anywhere and it will leave you feeling cool as a cucumber.


Research shows that massage in pregnancy can reduce anxiety. This is why we created our calming product Relax & Breathe. We have used the sumptuous blend of natural plant oils enriched with Arnica, Chamomile and Frankincense that will help to soothe both your body and mind. Get some candles burning and your partner involved in this one, it will help them feel involved in the pregnancy as well as calming you after a stressful day.

Calming Music

You can’t always predict the stressful situations the universe may lay out in your path but you can be prepared for this unwanted event. Have a calming soundtrack at hand - whatever music helps bring you peace. Now, we aren’t saying create a playlist of classical music or the relaxing sounds of the rainforest! Put whatever music you find relaxing on, breathe and de-stress.


Another simple one but it has been proven that laughter lowers levels of the stress hormones. So, when you find something funny laugh away and feel those good vibes inhabit your body.

Meditate or Unplug

The world can be a stressful place, and that is why it is so important to take some time to yourself each day. Meditation has been proven to help bring down blood pressure and help calm the body and mind. There are lots of guided meditation apps available which will guide you through a state of relaxation. Alternatively,  put your phone away, step away from the laptop and turn your TV off, take a moment to do something for yourself away from the outside world even if it’s just for ten minutes, this will help you focus on yourself and de-stress.


OK, this may seem impossible especially when you feel huge and can’t get into a comfortable position to sleep. But getting a good night's rest can really help with stress and the day ahead. We created our Sleepy Mama (Relaxing Pillow Mist) to help bring the feeling of relaxation to both body and mind when you need it the most! Sleepy Mama’s relaxing aromas of Bergamot, Lavender and Chamomile will help you feel relaxed and get the rest you deserve.

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