Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day UK

Happy Mother’s Day to all you fabulous mama’s out there!

Did you know that Mother’s Day can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans? They celebrated the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele by holding festivals in their honor.

Whilst we still celebrate Mother’s Day, the tradition has shifted to children celebrating their own mums by gifting them with breakfast in bed, flowers or chocolates!

See our below guide if you are celebrating your first Mother’s Day and are stuck on ideas of what to do with your little one.

1.Mother & Baby Photoshoot

Mother and baby photoshoot

Having a Mother and Baby photoshoot is a perfect opportunity to remember your first Mother’s Day forever. You could opt for a paid photoshoot (there are generally a lot of offers for these before Mothering Sunday which include prints too), or alternatively you could set up your own photoshoot by decorating a room in your home and arranging for a close friend or family member to take photos for you.

2. Painting

Painting with your little one

Enjoy a day of painting with your little one, and allow them to create a memorable painting to cherish for years to come. Top tip: paint your baby’s handprint and/or footprint.

3. Picnic

Picnic with your little one

Celebrate your first Mother’s Day by having a picnic in a local park. The best part about picnics is you can choose foods that you truly love, and the picturesque backdrop means that you can take lots of photographs to help you remember the day forever. You could also invite your mama friends, or your own Mum to create memories with all of your loved ones.

4. Journal


Dedicate a journal to your first Mother’s Day. You can include photographs (Polaroid pictures are perfect), special moments throughout the day, your baby’s handprints or footprints, and anything else that you want to document. You could also leave some leftover journal space to repeat this process year after year.

5. Treat Yourself


Your body has achieved something truly spectacular and has given you the best gift of all time, but there is no question that having a baby is exhausting on both mind and body. Use Mother’s Day to treat yourself (seen a new pair of shoes that you love? Or is there a new outfit you’ve been eyeing up in the shops?), kick back (think a hot relaxing bath, an aromatherapy candle or an extra hour in bed) and relax.

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