Finding out about becoming a dad by Mark Goodman

So around 30 weeks ago we had the most exciting news that we were unable to share with anyone, well for a few weeks anyway!

 After a few days of my wife saying her period was ‘late’ and that she felt ‘different’ it was time to take a test, where the chance of disappointment could be high if the results come back negative.  With emotions running high my wife turned to me and said I’m pregnant! We were both overjoyed, excited, confused we did some calculations to work out a due date and were unsure what to do next.  As it was early in the morning we decided that we should do a second test to confirm the result.  As silly as it sounds I also bought a plant, on my trip to the supermarket as it was signifying the idea that we had something to look after before being able to ‘break the news’ to people.

Keeping the pregnancy secret is harder than you think, especially given that it’s such a life-changing time.  Not knowing what to do we arranged to see the GP and spent time looking at advice on the internet. Following our news, my wife decided to change her diet to meet some of the suggestions on the internet, like having less caffeine and taking vitamins to help with the development of the baby.

I promised my wife that we were in this together and that all appointments (where possible) we would go together, deciding on what we want to do, and how to bring up our child.

For me, I felt the realisation really hits in at the first scan (around 19 weeks).  Now we’ve all seen the ultrasound pictures of a babies development and look at the grainy picture trying to work out, a head, a foot or a mystery body part.  It is so different when it’s your own. Seeing the baby moving around on the screen just left me speechless and is a moment I will treasure forever.  The ‘baby’s moving’ I think I said to my wife as we were watching it on the screen, squeezing her hand with excitement, I could have simply sat there all day watching this.

Sharing the news with family once we had a scan and letting them in on our little secret that we had had for weeks. It has allowed them to support us and join us on the journey sooner rather than later since it isn’t only about us having a little one is creating grandparents and uncles too. We have also been fortunate to have friends and work colleagues who have also been there too with advice and offers of used toys and clothes all of which are greatly appreciated.

As new parents we have really enjoyed kitting out our nursery together,  preparing things for the arrival of our little one and weighing up the things we need vs the things we want.  Visiting the baby show gave us a real insight into what is out there in the baby world, followed by serval trips to Mothercare, mamas and papas and other baby stores when they have baby events, such as Aldi.

Highlights at the moment have to be feeling the baby kick and move, it just gives an incredible feeling to know that this baby is there, growing and being looked after solely by wife. That is until the big mystery day in a few weeks when the baby arrives and that’s when I can step up to the plate and really help to take care of the baby and earn the title ‘daddy, father or dad’ and be the best one I can.

For us, the journey is just beginning in this next chapter of our lives and I’m so glad that you can join on this adventure.

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