Dress your bump this summer... Our top tips

With summer fast approaching and an ever-growing bump on board. It’s time to plan what you'll wear as the temperature rises to keep you cool and feeling fabulous. Here are our top tips on what to buy, reuse and avoid this summer.
Being pregnant is hard enough any time of the year let alone in the heat, combined with an expanding belly and all those hormones. It’s time to make you feel and look cool as unfortunately popping down to the shops in your birthday suit isn't an option, but we are here to help...
Check your closet...

Our first top tip would be to check your wardrobe on what you can reuse, perfect for your purse strings but also being more sustainable. You'll be surprised on what can be used before pregnancy and during, you’re bound to find a hidden gem! We would suggest looking for dresses with floaty, lightweight materials with high hems. This will keep you cool and perfectly frame that beautiful bump. Maxi dresses are perfect for this style, Remember Mamas that bump will shorten any dress so digging out those knee length and below dresses will make sure your keeping everything hidden.
Key Pieces...
When buying clothes to dress your bump, think outside the box! Sustainable shopping is important as your only pregnant for few months, invest in clothes you can wear after birth too.
Light weight dresses in neutral colours-
Choose styles with an elasticated waist, try not to just look in the maternity section, a stretchy maxi dress is a summer staple in everyone's wardrobe and will be easy to find most high street stores. Having simple maxi dresses, you can dress up or down with accessories changes a whole look. A bold chunky necklace or a natural straw hat can completely change your look from day to night.
Lightweight Linen
Tops, dresses and trousers, anything in this lightweight material will be essential this summertime. Linen can be styled up or down making it a go to piece for a simple and chic look, whether it be hitting the shops or a family BBQ, Linen is so versatile and comfortable. This loose-fitting fabric draws dampness away from the skin keeping this hot Mama cool whilst still looking lovely.   
A good non wired bra
Ahhh that relief at the end of the day when you take off your bra and let them hang loose, is there really a greater feeling?!  
During pregnancy this couldn't be anymore relatable right! As your boobs are expanding and getting heavier you need support but also comfort, so ditch the wired bras this summer and allow your boobs to breath. High street stores have a huge range of non-wired bras with all levels of support. We would recommend bras made from cotton as it doesn't cling to the skin, it’s easy to wear and breathable. Let’s embrace those changing boobs, comfort is key!
Ditch the heels! As your body undergoes changes everywhere during pregnancy of course it would be unfair to leave those feet out! Many Mums-To-Be find that as they reach their second and third trimester feet and ankles can swell making it harder to wear your normal shoes. We would recommend sticking to flats with a comfortable sole. Try little or no straps- when you look down and can’t see your trotters anymore the last thing you need to be doing is fiddling around with those tiny buckles! So, try for a slide shoe with a padded sole, after all those feet are now carry an extra load!
Another great style is a breathable espadrille- they come in beautiful fabrics which are flexible, light weight and look great styled with a long maxi dress or skirt for a real hip Mama!
Our most favourite way to keep cool this summer is our award winning 'Cool It Mama' Spray. This is essential for keeping those hot flushes at bay. Cool it Mama is the perfect friend to carry with you for that quick spritz pick-me-up just when you need it.

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