Choosing a Unique Baby Gift that Mum Will Go Ga-Ga Over - by Ali Symes

British people celebrate few occasions quite as much as the arrival of a little one, with a survey by One4all indicating that the average person spends close to £180 on a friend or family member’s new bundle of joy. Gifting takes place from the announcement of pregnancy (with gifts for mum often taking priority) to the first few months and even a child’s early years. If you have a loved one who has a baby that is about to have a milestone first birthday or who is celebrating a ‘feat’ like learning to walk, what type of gift should you purchase if you want to move slightly away from the norm?

Gifts that Appeal to the Sense of Smell

Therapeutic grade essential oils – particularly gentle oils like lavender – have been found in studies to have a calming effect. These oils are safe for baby, so if your friend has a spacious playroom or living room with room for an oil diffuser, this machine plus one or two calming oil blends that are safe for baby, will be well loved by those into aromatherapy. Make sure, of course, that you choose gentle, approved oils for baby. For mum, a companion gift like natural birthing company’s Relax & Breathe Calming Massage Oil, with oils such as chamomile and frankincense, will soothe stress and help put mum into a tranquil state of mind.

The Gift of Fashion

Über-trendy parents who like their kids to sport the latest fashions will be impressed by something different: personalised shopping for children’s fashion essentials. You can either hire a personalised shopper for a day to select key items for the baby or alternatively a fashion box can be delivered regularly, which contains a set number of brand-name items at attractive prices. This way, you can ensure that the items chosen for the baby will be in line with the parents’ tastes and style preferences. These days, having a baby isn’t all about selecting pink or blue items. Gender-neutral hues like black, beige, and green are what it’s all about so make sure your friend’s baby is riding high on the fashion wave.

A Gift for the Future

One of the funniest things about babies is that often, friends and family will go all-out to buy them an expensive toy or gadget, only to find that the one thing baby loves most – is the paper the gift was wrapped in! Apart from onesies, slippers, and towels, almost anything else is sometimes a matter of ‘hit or miss’. If you simply cannot handle the thought of waste and you have a big budget to splurge, one gift that is gaining popularity is that of a Gold Bar weighing one ounce. These are so pretty and luxurious that parents will need to store them away, but if the child collects a few bars along the way, they can slowly save up for their future – think university, buying their first car, or maybe even seeing the world when they are young adults.

This post has provided just three ideas of many to give to a loved one who has had a baby. Of course, the ultimate secret to giving the right gift is to talk to your friend, listen to their preferences and tastes, and shop in line with these. When your friend was pregnant, did they express a wish for a specific candle, décor piece, clothing item, or practical gift like a bottle steriliser? Sometimes the best gifts are the most practical ones. Working out whether to go fancy or utilitarian is arguably the very first step you should take when shopping for a new babe.

This post was written by Ali Symes! Thank you for reading! 


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