Are you thinking about baby number two?



For my Fiancée and me it was never a question of “If” but “when” we have another baby, we always decided that we would have two children especially as we are both without siblings we always knew we would love our daughter to have one. 

But fast forward two years of our daughter giving us pure joy/daily madness that the time has come to have the discussion and I find myself feeling kind of nervous about this prospect. 

Will I be able to share the love? Having two children will make me even busier than before? Will I still be able to work like I do now? Will we be able to afford it? 

My god so many questions go through my mind that I find myself thinking that the second time round there’s just no ignorant bliss this time…We know what we are getting ourselves into this time, I also know how painful child birth is too!!! 

Push aside all these mixed emotions and knowing we have more toddler years to push through we also know what we will gain by having another baby, we know the pure love that you have for one tiny human being and I find myself then thinking “Why would we not have another one”  

I think as long as your aware of the lack of ignorant bliss this time and that yes you will have hard days, but those will be outweighed by the excitement of expanding your family and bringing another child into your world. What more could you ask for. Just go for it! 


Blog post written by, Sarah Jolil - Instagram: parents_escape

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