A-Z of Ingredients

A - Apricot Kernel Oil

Renowned for its deep gold colour. It is rich in Omega oils has antioxidant properties, it is a skin lubricant and it is excellent for even the most sensitive skin!

B - Black Pepper

Anti-emetic, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, pain relieving properties, stimulating on both body and mind, revives tired muscles, anti-inflammatory.

C - Citronella

A lovely warming oil physically and mentally. Can relieve painful sensitive joints and muscles.

E - Evening Primrose Oil

Rich in Omega 6. Helps to balance hormones and it is also an excellent skin conditioner.

F - Frankincense

Used for centuries as an antidepressant, relaxant and has a sedative effect. A good muscle relaxant.

G - Grapefruit

Renowned for its anti-depressant nature. Has an uplifting effect. Excellent for mental exhaustion and depression.

H - Hypericum

Commonly referred to as St John’s Wort. Affinity with wound healing, cuts, and abrasions.

L - Lemongrass

Highly fragrant and well renown for centuries for increasing lactation.

M - Mandarin

A beautiful aroma which has a sedative effect and is also a relaxant. Enhances maternal well-being.

N - Neroli

Made from the sweet-scented bitter orange tree. A refreshing floral oil. Helps relieve nervous anxieties, Known to uplift the spirit and emotions.

O - Olive Oil

Moisturises, prevents and repairs damage to the skin, smoothes, softens.

P - Peppermint

Renowned for its calming and cooling effect. Excellent for nausea and can be used an emotional rescue oil!

R - Rosehip Oil

Rich in Omega oils and essential fatty acids. It is a wonderful skin nutrient.

S - Sunflower Seed Oil

A rich oil high in Vitamin E and an excellent skin nutrient.

W - Wheatgerm Oil

Helps to fade scarring & stretch marks, supports cellular regeneration.

Y - Ylang Ylang

Well known for its aphrodisiac properties, this oil has a beautiful scent and is a great mood enhancer!


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