What happens just before you go into Labour?

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That last month of pregnancy can be uncomfortable for your body and tormenting for your mind as you wonder every day if this will be the day!

So let’s look at changes that can happen as your body prepares to labour and your baby gets ready to be born:

1) Your bump drops lower as your baby moves even further down into your pelvis.

2) You may feel more backache – especially if your baby is in a back to back position.

3) You may feel an increase in the amount and the intensity of Braxton Hicks (This is where your bump goes tight & hard but is not painful).

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4) Your “Show” may make an appearance! If you’ve not already heard of this it is the mucous plug that sits in the neck of the womb (cervix) throughout pregnancy.

As the cervix starts to soften and “ripen” in readiness for labour the mucous plug is dislodged and comes away. You’ll notice it in your pants or when you wipe yourself – it looks jelly/mucous like goo and may have a streak of blood in it.

It doesn’t usually come away in one go, so expect more of the same in subsequent trips to the toilet and it doesn’t necessarily mean that labour is imminent – so don’t cancel your plans or call your partner home in a panic!! Also just to say some women don’t lose their plug until they are in active labour so don’t let this confuse you!

(Although if this were to happen before 37 weeks it would be wise to inform your Midwife).

5) Some women experience unexplained diarrhoea the day or so before labour begins – as their body has a natural “clear out” before the big event. An empty bowel gives baby more room when it comes to moving down the birth canal.

6) Also it’s really important to know that your baby’s movements do NOT slow down before you are due to go into labour – this is a myth!!

(If you notice any reduced movements please contact your Midwife/Hospital without delay)

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