Take Time For Yourself

Pregnancy can be hard, we all know this, even though people may be telling you you’re supporting an amazing glow and look beautiful. You however, might just feel tired, puffy, sore and, well, pretty crappy on the inside.

So, to be honest mama you might need and deserve a self-pampering pick-me-up now and then. Go for it, Mom, with these guilt-free ways to spoil yourself...

Show your skin some love, hormonal changes in pregnancy can affect the condition of your skin, which can leave it feeling sensitive, dry, itchy and irritated. This is one of the main reasons we developed our Nourish and Relieve Massage and Stretch Mark Oil. The natural blend of oils and butters to soothe and hydrate your skin locking in the moisture and helping to maintain its elasticity - thereby also reducing the appearance of those dreaded stretch marks.

Wear something pretty, have you been living in your favourite joggers and your partners over-sized shirt? Well, yes that might be comfy, but how can you possibly feel like the goddess you are in that! Pop on a pretty flowing outfit, a touch of make-up, paint those nails - anything that is going to make you feel like the queen you are!

Home spa anyone? Fill up that bath, soak and relax, our award-winning Best Washes uses the refreshing delicate aroma of Spearmint to soothe and calm icky tummies, together with Black Pepper to tackle the tired fuzzy mind, whilst Aloe Vera and natural foaming agents are soothing for sensitive skin. And why not be extra cheeky and get your partner to give you a shoulder rub whilst you’re at it!

Read something you really want to, ok, as a Mum-to-be you are probably going to spend most of your time reading up pregnancy, birthing or new mum facts. Take a break from that brain cluttering info and pick up for favourite book or a cheesy celeb magazine. This is an amazing way to just chill.

Go to bed early, pregnancy is frankly exhausting, so one of the greatest gifts of all you can give yourself is an early night. Get some comfy, clean PJs on and snuggle up in bed as early as you want, your body and mind will both thank you for this one.

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