Product review by Chloe Thomsett (Chloe & Carter)

These little pots of gold are slowly becoming my best friend throughout this pregnancy! We very kindly got sent some goodies from the Natural Birthing Company to help out during pregnancy and a ‘Birthing essentials kit’ to help get me through labour!

All their products are 100% natural, vegan and developed by midwives, which gives you peace of mind you’re not putting any nasties on your body whilst pregnant and are completely safe for you and baby which I think is fab!

I’m now 34 weeks pregnant and honestly I’m slowly turning into Shamoo himself I’ve obviously still got stretch marks from Carter, but up until recently, I didn’t have any new ones appearing from this pregnancy luckily! UNTIL.. that dreaded moment last week where I saw a NEW little purple wiggly line developing! Urgh! Luckily I’d received this lovely package just a few days prior to seeing it but not tried the products out yet so the first thing I did was whack out the good old ‘Bump Envy’ and started smothering it on! And I kid you not... that little red line had gone the next day! Some kind of magic in a bottle I swear! I only wish I’d known about this magic potion when I was pregnant with Carter!

It’s really getting to the point now where I feel like the baby is ready to rip his way through my stomach at any moment, everything is so tight and my skin has really started to get itchy on my stomach but ‘bump envy’ is really helping to sooth the itch and make it all feel softer and more comfortable for me! Anything to feel more comfortable in pregnancy right?!

The second item I got to help prepare me for labour is called ‘Down Below’

Now.. I’m not going to go into too much detail on how I’m using this one  but I’m hoping it helps my big headed (yeah off the scale big according to my last scan ) baby come out without tearing my insides out  They recommend use from 34 weeks to help reduce the risk of episiotomy and tearing, so I received it just in time and I’m praying it helps! 

I also got sent this gorgeous little bag which is their ‘Birthing Essentials Kit’ which I’ll be packing in my hospital bag ready for labour!

Included in this kit is:

  • Relax & Breathe
  • Bottoms Up
  • Cool It Mama
  • Sleepy Mama

Such a gorgeous little kit and I’m excited to try them all out during my labour!

I think anything that can help, even a tiny bit during pregnancy and labour is always a great investment as it’s nice to feel prepared and like you’re in control (even though let’s face it, we all know we’re not)

The Natural Birthing company products are available in Boots stores and online so are super easy to get your hands on and a lovely extra for your hospital bag and a must have during pregnancy! You can also check them out on Instagram!

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