National Picnic Week - What to take with you and baby

Did you from the 15th June it is National Picnic Week? So, if we ever needed a reason to go for a picnic this is it; come on go grab the family and get out in that fresh air!

We understand that outdoor activities might be the furthest thing from mind if you’re with baby. But they can be refreshing for both you and baby, you don’t have to feel guilty if baby decides they want to cry and cry and let’s not forget the cute photos!

So, if you are planning on making this most of this week here are a few things we think should be on the top of your checklist…

  1. Blanket

While you might have a great knitted blanket that is ideal to throw down for the rest of the family, there are now several amazing easy to fold, water-proof and wipeable picnic blankets out there, which, are safe to lay baby down on, so they can roll around and enjoy the outdoor picnic fun.

  1. Sun cream

During June we can sometimes be blessed with some glorious weather, so always carry around sun cream with you, if you are heading out always make sure you apply the cream throughout the day to keep your little one safe. please note babies under 6 months should be kept out of the sun completely!

  1. Toys

If you’re wanting to spend some good quality time with the family soaking in the great British outdoors, it might be a good idea to bring your babas favourite toys. So, if the people watching becomes tiresome for them their favourite toy should keep them happy.

  1. Reusable wipes

I’m sure you have heard about the recent reports on baby wipes not being the best thing for the environment, well don’t worry we know they are an everyday essential not only needed on picnics. There are several amazing reusable wipe companies springing up which aren’t just great for bottoms but also wonderful for messy hands and chops.

  1. Clean Hands

On a picnic, be prepared that there might not be a toilet nearby, and let’s face it who wants to keep packing everything away, so you can find a toilet. Bring a bottle of water for washing your hands and some disinfectant!

  1. Camera

As mentioned previously, picnics are the ideal place to get those ridiculously cute photos. So, charge that camera and off you go!


Enjoy the outdoors, Mamas! And keep us posted on your must-haves in the comments!

Thank you for reading x

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