Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Pregnant and Post-Partum Mama

For all new Mamas or Mums-to-be, Mother’s Day should be a fun day to relax and enjoy a little pamper, because we all know they deserve it!

For those waiting on their arrival, Mother’s Day is a special day to get them excited for what is to come, but also a day to chill and take a little stress off their amazing body. Then for the new mama’s who have just brought a little one into the world, a warm relaxing bath could be just what the doctor ordered.

While the world might look a little different at the moment, there are still plenty of choices to help mums to unwind at home throughout their pregnancy and after, and don’t we just have some amazing products to help you do this.

Gift Ideas for Mum-to-be
Nourish & Relieve not only helps with stretch marks, but it is also a beautiful massage oil which can help to relieve stress, tension and aches and pains from mum-to-be. It can be used anywhere on the body for massage (try a gentle foot massage or scalp massage to help mama feel relaxed) so why not gift her a DIY massage?
Our Birthing Essentials Kit makes a perfect gift for mama-to-be (and is also perfect for a hospital bag) as it contains a beautiful mix of products to help pamper & soothe Mum. 
Treat mum-to-be to our relaxing body wash & bath foam which will help to settle any feelings of sickness (perfect for the first trimester!) whilst relaxing any aches and pains.
Gift Ideas for the Postpartum Mama
Sleepy Mama will help mum to unwind, relax and settle into a peaceful night sleep. It is the perfect companion in-between night-time feeds to help prevent any disturbances that will keep mum (and dad!) awake any longer than necessary.
Our Bosom Buddies help to ease symptoms associated with breast feeding as well as providing relief to stress and anxiety.
Our Mama's Moments Maternity Kit contains 4 products all designed to help a postpartum Mama. Our Cool it Mama helps to ease stress and anxiety (whilst also cooling and refreshing mama), our Bosom Buddies help to ease symptoms associated with breastfeeding, Pure Bliss helps to ease discomfort and promote healing 'down there' post birth, and Down Below helps to moisturise and soothe stretch marks.
Whatever you choose to gift your mum-to-be or postpartum mama we hope you have a great Mother's Day!

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