What is Mineral Oil and Why Do We Avoid it in Our Products?

Mineral oil...
Doesn't sound too bad does it?
How about if we called it a petrochemical.... 
Now that sounds nasty

This 'oil' is found in an enormous amount of skin care products across the world. Mineral oil is a petrochemical as it derives from crude oil, although refined before put in skincare what impurities may still remain after refinement? As we know it comes from petroleum this makes it non-renewable and play a part in the exploitation of the earth for fossil fuels.
Natural Birthing Company are always striving to be more environmentally friendly and our fight against using mineral oils plays a part in this. Instead, we use natural plant oils which are also much more beneficial on the skin.

What is it- 
Mineral Oil is a clear odorless liquid that has been used in many skincare and personal care products for a long period of time, mainly because of how inexpensive it is. Mineral Oil is made from highly refined processed petroleum. Meaning its a by product of the distillation process of petrol, (I know your thinking this can't be real!) but this has been a product on our shelves for a very long time, its only now we are seeing the true effects of this process on our ecological system.
People are drawn to this product as its looks as though it locks in moisture, but in fact it only sits on the surface of the skin and doesn't actually moisturise the skin, just giving you the appearance you have hydrated skin without penetrating any dry skin at all. Mineral oils can also clog pores and can cause dermal irritations. When there are natural alternatives it seems unnecessary to ever use mineral oil based products.

Naturally nutrient rich Shea butter and coconut oil are wonderful alternatives, you can find both of these ingredients in many of our products to hydrate and nourish our skin. Like our beautiful Nourish and Relive Massage and Stretch Mark Oil which soothes and hydrates your skin locking in the moisture and helping to maintain its elasticity.

So we have touched on why we wouldn't want to put Mineral Oils anywhere near our skin. But lets get to the nitty-gritty the ecological impact-
Around three-quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels. As global warming is being defined as a crisis that is happening even more quickly than we feared. We at Natural Birthing Company want to ensure we do are part to help contribute to a greener planet. Also giving our Mamas the know on what to look for when shopping for their products. 

Creating mineral oils adds to our climate crisis-

  • Refining petroleum creates air pollution. Transforming crude oil into petrochemicals releases toxins into the atmosphere that are dangerous for human and ecosystem health.

  • Burning gasoline releases CO2. Although oil doesn’t produce the same amount of CO2 that coal burning does, it still contributes greenhouse gases to the atmosphere and increases global warming.

  • Oil spills cause great environmental damage. Large oil spills sometimes occur during drilling, transport, and use, which of course affect the surrounding environment. Killing mammals, reptiles and marine life where the ocean is their habitat.

We hope we have given you an insight into the detrimental impact Mineral Oil is having on the planet. Its time for us Mama's to make informed decisions and to  choose better for a greener, more sustainable planet for us and our children.

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