Midwife Care in Labour

Every woman is a unique individual who will experience labour and birth differently. Care will be tailored to your individual needs and preferences. You can expect your labour to be regularly assessed in the following ways:

  • Your blood pressure, pulse and temperature will be taken
  • Your abdomen will be felt to determine what position the baby is in
  • You will be encouraged to regularly go to the toilet to empty your bladder (a full bladder stops the head from coming down)
  • You will be encouraged to keep well nourished and rested
  • You may be encouraged to stay active
  • The baby’s heart rate will be frequently monitored
  • You may have an internal examination

The midwife will support you and your birth preferences as much as she can.
You are in charge of your own labour and birth. Always discuss your concerns with your midwife so any necessary decisions are based on accurate information.

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