How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Whilst Pregnant

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean prosecco, luckily for all of our pregnant mamas out there you can have a romantic date with your other half without the alcohol! So, if you are the date-planner within your relationship then sit back and take some notes on our Valentine’s Day ideas whilst pregnant. Alternatively, if your partner is lacking some creativity, simply share the below list with them and let us do the hinting!

1. Baby Scan

Why not arrange a private scan to see your little one? You could even try the 4D scan if you are between 27 and 32 weeks pregnant. Your baby would love to help celebrate this loving occasion! Top tip: arrange for a cute couple photoshoot afterwards to share with your family and friends.

2. Pamper Session

Valentines Day Ideas Whilst Pregnant

Treat your mama-to-be with a romantic pamper session! Get a relaxing candle lit, fill the bathtub with a pregnancy-friendly bubble bath (you get extra-points for adding rose petals!), and prepare a bottle of non-alcoholic prosecco on ice. After your loved one has finished in the bath, treat her to a light-pressure massage using our Relax and Breathe massage oil.

3. Dessert Date

Dessert Date

Are you (or your partner) craving something sweet? Get dressed up and take your mama-to-be out for a dessert date. A dessert date will be sure to hit that sweet spot, without compromising on the bank balance (which you will need when the little one arrives!)

4. Forest Adventure

Valentines Day Forest Cabin

If you can afford to splurge, a mini forest break can be a wonderful opportunity to relax and spend some quality time with your loved one. Cosy up under a blanket and watch the stars at night, or read a book under the trees. The beautiful scenery also makes a wonderful back-drop for an impromptu pregnancy photoshoot too!

5. Photoshoot

Pregnancy Photoshoot

Arrange to have a photoshoot with your loved one. You can opt for a photoshoot with a photographer (in a studio or another environment) or alternatively, you could also arrange your own photoshoot by using a self-timer option on your phone or camera, or by borrowing a friend with a keen eye for photography.

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