Finding Out You’re Expecting Multiples

The news that you are pregnant with multiple babies can come as a big surprise. It’s understandable to be delighted, worried, or anxious at how you will cope. But DON’T PANIC, many other parents have been here before you and have not only survived the experience, but they have gone on to thrive, and so can you!

Keep reading for some tips that should ease you into your multiple pregnancy...

Many people can’t believe it’s happening until they see their babies, so be sure to ask for a picture at the first ultrasound. Looking at the picture may help the situation feel more real.

· Making practical plans can also help. You may have been all set with your home and finances with just one baby on the way, but now you are having twins, triplets or even more planning will help put your mind at ease.

· Speak to other people who have been through it. There are around 12,000 twin births that occur each year and around 200 triplet births, so even though you may feel like you’re alone in this situation you really aren’t. Talking to other parents can help rest your mind.

· Understand your body will change differently than a mother only expecting one baby, but that’s ok! This is including bump size, so, don’t go comparing.

· Your body will go through an amazing journey to carry and deliver your babies, but unfortunately you might suffer with a few unpleasant changes along the way such as, back ache, swollen feet, insomnia, varicose veins, haemorrhoids here at the Natual Birthing Company our product range has been designed to tackle these issues; see how we can help today!

· Look after your mental health as well as your physical health. It’s understandable you may have moments of anxiety, panic and just wanting to cry yourself to sleep. Be sure to talk to your partner, family or midwife, they are all there to help you.

There are many sites that specialise in multiple pregnancies, which we would recommend you look into, they can talk you through things you are worried about in more detail, put you in touch with other parents and give you more tips on how to get you through pregnancy.

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