Do’s & Don’t for your Maternity wardrobe (Autumn/Winter)

The colder months can be an extra-challenging time to dress a quickly transforming pregnant body. Your hot flushes might be in full swing leaving you to want to dress like it's Summer, to then leave you freezing the next moment. This guide will help narrow down what you really need in your fall pregnancy wardrobe, so you can shrink your shopping list...


Invest in a good pair of maternity jeans: Comfortable, form-fitting, grow-with-you maternity jeans are an absolute must for your Autumn. You can dress them up or down.
One important tip: Don't buy maternity jeans too soon, or they'll be too small during your eighth and ninth months.



Get a few long cosy jumpers: You might be able to fit your favourite sweaters over your ever-growing belly… but don't. Unlike your tummy, sweaters get permanently stretched out, leaving them saggy and sad when you put them on a year from now.


Shop for a maternity coat: It may be expensive, but when you've got a fall pregnancy, a good coat is well worth the investment. Not only will it keep you warm as temps fall through November and beyond, but a tailored, empire-waist coat can make you look pulled together 



Check your wardrobe for an empire-waist dress: If you own any flowy dresses with an empire waist, bank on wearing them until nearly the end of your pregnancy.



Skip buying a button-down blouses: Don't waste your dollars on maternity blouses with buttons down the whole front — chances are your bra size will change rapidly, resulting in a too-tight fit across the back or gaps between the buttons. Instead, stock up on empire-waist tops with flattering details like V and scoop necklines, or tie belts that nip in on top of your bump to create a shapely silhouette.


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