Are Reusable Cloth Nappies for Me?

If you are expecting a new bundle of joy soon then perhaps you have been considering (or are maybe curious) about reusable cloth nappies.
Cloth nappies have come a long way in recent years. No longer are cloth nappies terry-cloth pieces of fabric which require folding into shape and holding together with safety pins! Long gone are those days. Instead, reusable nappies are easy to use and most resemble the 'traditional' disposable nappy we are all used to. 
So, why use reusable nappies? Well, for a start, there's no denying that they are more environmentally friendly than a disposable nappy. Did you know that the average baby goes through over 2,000 nappies in a year?! That's a lot of bum changes! This means a lot of nappies in landfill, and with the average nappy taking 500 years to decompose that is a huge strain on our environment!
Not only that, but disposable nappies are said to be cheaper than disposable nappies so can be perfect on budget (although you will need to pay a larger sum upfront to buy the nappies you need).
So, what is a reusable nappy and how do you use them?
Reusable nappies come in many shapes and sizes and it is brand dependent, but we have a rough guide for you. 
Typically reusable nappies can come in different varieties:
  • All in one - this one most resembles a disposable nappy in its appearance. As the name suggests, it is all in one meaning the absorbent lining is stitched onto the waterproof outer. You apply this one the same as you would a disposable, but instead of throwing it away once you're done you pop it in the wash! 
  • Two part nappies - as the name suggests this type of nappy comes in two parts - the absorbent wrap which acts as the outer shell to stop any leakages and water transfer, and the absorbent pad which snaps into the wrap usually using poppers. You can adjust the absorbency with a two part nappy by using a thicker/more absorbent pad.
  • Pocket nappies - the pocket nappy includes an absorbent wrap like the two part nappy, but instead of snapping the absorbent pad into the wrap the pad gets stuffed inside the pocket.
As all babies come in different shapes and sizes you will find different sizes of disposable nappies. Always check sizing and absorbency with your brand of choice.

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