A Night in with Bump! By Faye Jones (Glossytots)

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It's 'National Spa Week' Mamas! So, it is the perfect time to take some time to yourself and enjoy those relaxing moments! Our Mama Ambassador Faye has taken this advice and with our products created the perfect spa-like evening! 

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Sometimes during pregnancy nights out and having a busy social life is not what you need every day. At some points, you just need relax.

With a 6-year-old relaxing can be tricky. I’m very lucky that she’s a great sleeper and goes to bed at 7 pm. Which normally means once all my jobs are done I can wind down and relax.

Here are my tips for a perfect night of relaxation when pregnant:

  • Take a bath- if your partner is feeling romantic get them to run it for you- they always do a better job when it’s for someone else.

  • Once out of the bath take advantage of your partner's good nature as ask them to give you a massage- The lovely products from The Natural Birthing Company have been a favourite of mine. I ask Matt to give my feet a rub with the 'Relax and Breathe' Calming Massage oil- it’s gorgeous and safe throughout pregnancy. If you don’t have a partner to hand give yourself a little TLC.

  • Give baby a massage and moisturise that bump at the same time. To stop unwanted itchy tummies and stretch marks have some one on one time with your bump. Massage the Natural Birthing Company “Bump Oil” in circular motions. Babies can feel touch and noise at 25 weeks so will get a kick out of this as much as you.

  • Before you snuggle down with your favourite tv Program find your most snuggly blanket. This will help you unwind.

  • Pick your yummiest food or craving and drink- pretty self-explanatory even indulge if you so wish! Pregnancy isn’t all about fearing the weight gain.

  • Lastly to get a great night’s sleep to spray some of the Natural Birthing Company’s 'Sleepy Mama' on your pillow to indulge in a restful sleep.

  • You can buy all of the amazing Natural Birthing Company items from Boots, Holland and Barratt and many online Stores.
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