Product FAQ's

There are some questions that we get asked quite a lot here at Natural Birthing Company HQ, so we thought it would be worthwhile writing a blog post answering all of your common questions so they are here to find in one easy place.

If you do have any other questions about any of our products, then please do reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we will be more than happy to help!

Best Washes

Q1: Is Best Washes safe to use during all stages of pregnancy, including the First Trimester?

A1: Yes! All of our products (including Best Washes) has been developed by Midwives, Chemists and Aromatherapists to ensure safe use throughout pregnancy. Plus, we've developed Best Washes specifically to help relieve nausea experienced in the First Trimester.

Q2: Can Best Washes be used on sensitive skin?

A2: Absolutely! We have formulated Best Washes with no harsh chemicals, instead we use Aloe Vera which is gentle even on very irritable skin. If any irritation does occur please discontinue use.

Bosom Buddies

Q1: Can I use Bosom Buddies during pregnancy?

A1: Bosom Buddies has been specifically designed to be used during the postpartum period and is not to be used during pregnancy. However, keep your eyes peeled as later this year we will be releasing a product for your breasts that can be used during pregnancy!

Q2: How exactly do I use Bosom Buddies?

A2: Always dilute Bosom Buddies in water and apply to a compress. To help ease full, heavy tender breasts, engorgement or symptoms of mastitis you will benefit from applying the “Ooh” compresses just prior to each feed so that the baby can then help to empty the breast after the oils have helped to reduce the inflammation and encouraged the breast tissue to contract. For low milk supply it is beneficial to apply the “Aah” compresses before each feed to help reduce any anxiety and encourage hormones involved in milk production and flow in readiness for the next feed. You may prefer to apply the “Ouch” compresses after each feed to help with any pain or discomfort experienced during the feed and ease sore nipples before the next feed comes around. But don’t worry if you forget because you can use the oils as often and whenever you feel the need and in the early days it is often impossible to predict or pre-empt the next feed and some women will prefer to use compresses just at a time when have a moment to themselves!

Bottoms Up

Q1: What is the difference between Bottoms Up and Pure Bliss?

A1: Bottoms Up is an 'on-the-go' version of Pure Bliss that can be sprayed on the perineal area throughout the day after visiting the toilet, whereas Pure Bliss is the concentrated treatment version. Using both products together will help to increase soothing and calming of the area.

Q2: Can I use Bottoms Up during pregnancy to treat haemorrhoids? 

A2: Yes you can! Just ensure that you are applying directly to the anus and avoid the vaginal area. This can be achieved a lot easier by spritzing Bottoms Up on a pad or compress and applying this to the anus.

Cool it Mama

Q1: I'm not pregnant, but I am going through the menopause. Would Cool it Mama be a suitable product for me?

A1: Absolutely! Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Cool it Mama – we have received positive feedback from customers with Fibromyalgia, Menopausal symptoms and those travelling abroad to hot climates as well as stressed office workers who love to sit a bottle on their desk to grab when they need it! Cool it Mama will help to soothe your hot flushes.

Q2: How often can I use Cool it Mama?

A2: Cool it Mama can be applied throughout the day whenever you need a moment of relaxation, calm, or when you are feeling hot and bothered.

 Down Below

Q1: What does Down Below smell like?

A1: Down Below is fragrance free. In pregnancy your perineum can be a very sensitive area and highly prone to irritations or thrush. We therefore felt it important to not put any fragrance or essential oil into our Down Below formulation, especially as some women find these type of ingredients leaves them feeling sore in their intimate area. In fact, Down Below is totally allergen free so it’s perfect for the most sensitive of skin.

Q2: I have a nut allergy, can I use Down Below?

A2: Down Below only contains 5 ingredients, these are: Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Calendula Oil and Sunflower Seed Oil.

Nourish & Relieve

Q1: What does Nourish & Relieve smell like?

A1: We have formulated Nourish & Relieve without any fragrance, meaning it is kind and gentle on even the most delicate (and hormonal!) skin.

Q2: Where can I use Nourish & Relieve?

A2: Nourish & Relieve has been formulated with a natural blend of plant oils and butters to soothe and hydrate your skin, locking in the moisture and helping to maintain its elasticity - thereby also reducing the appearance of stretch marks. For this reason, you can use Nourish & Relieve on any areas in need of extra moisture, on any areas where you experience stretch marks, and on any areas you would like to prevent stretch marks. Nourish & Relieve is also an excellent massage oil, and you can use this oil on any area of your body for massage - including your scalp!

Pure Bliss

Q1: How exactly do I use Pure Bliss?

A1: Simply add a few drops of Pure Bliss to water (as shown in the image above) and apply to a compress or maternity pad. Apply the compress or pad to your vaginal area and lay down on a towel. Full instructions are included in the box.

Q2: Can I use Pure Bliss on a Caesarean wound?

A2: Caesarean section wounds can be very sore and tender and they are prone to becoming infected. One of the key ingredients of Pure Bliss has anti-fungal and antiseptic properties so this makes the product ideal for after a caesarean section. For the first 24 hours you will have a dressing over your wound but once this is removed Pure Bliss can be used in exactly the same way; just place the compress over your wound area instead.

Sleepy Mama

Q1: How do I use Sleepy Mama?

A1: There are several different ways to try our Sleepy Mama. The product can be spritzed onto a pillow before drifting off to a dreamy sleep. Alternatively, Sleepy Mama can also be spritzed within your bedroom to promote a healthy sleep, and it can even be applied to your pulse points to help keep you calm throughout the day or night.

Q2: Can my boyfriend/husband/partner use Sleepy Mama?

A2: Absolutely. The relaxing aromas of Bergamot, Lavender and Chamomile will help just about anyone feel relaxed in both body and mind.